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We will host your URL (www.yourname.com) for as little as $99 per year ($130 with NIC administration).   This includes up to 100 e-mail addresses, up to 1 Gig of disk space, and 30 Gigs of data transfer monthly. We have a Control Panel program which allows you to manage your URL and email users.   There is a facility for creating small (under 200), open lists and also includes a statistics program which gives you up-to-date traffic information.   Development is optional and extra.   Virtually 100% of Pride UnLimited's profit goes into helping keep the OLM ministry available for you.   If supporting the OLM ministry is not in your budget then let Pride UnLimited service your account.   It will still help promote this work.

Check out some of the sites that we currently host as well as develop and manage below this are some affiliate services that also credit Pride UnLimited when purchased through this site:

If you are a service professional who would like to benefit from having an online presence at an affordable price, then look no further.   Pride's Professional Services directory offers three different levels of service to meet your needs.

You can have your web site submitted to as many as 500 search engines for one low price.   Time is money so don't delay ! ! !   Click on the button above and act today ! ! !

You can save on your long distance telephone bill today and every day with flat rate long distance at a low 5.9 cents per minute from "SFI Marketing & TTI Communications".

Get a 30 Day FREE trial to SpamArrest.   If you are tired of culling through 100's of recurring junk e-mail you have to got give SpamArrest a try .   It's easy to set up with good management tools that are easy to use, web based, and current to the minute.

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